[teqc] Leica Measurement Engine version in teqc generated rinex file

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Feb 1 11:41:29 MST 2010

Thanks, Frank.  So, there is a difference between the translations that
Spider does and that of Geo Office?

One of my main concerns is what is being recording in IGS site logs for
IGS sites with Leica receivers using MDB.  I would not want to foul up the
IGS's comparison of IGS site logs to RINEX headers anywhere if teqc was
in use to create the RINEX.  (If teqc is _not_ being used for translation
at any current IGS sites using Leica MDB, then I see no reason not to
include the version of the measurement engine in the "VERS" field as
Uwe proposed.)


 > Leica reference station products to write always both FW and ME version
 > into the RINEX header when converting from MDB.
 > See here e.g. from GNSS Spider:
 >      2.11           OBSERVATION DATA    M                   RINEX VERSION / TYPE
 > SPIDER V3,2,5,3239  LGS                 2010 02 01 18:05    PGM / RUN BY / DATE
 > RUTH                                                        MARKER NAME
 > 75607L001                                                   MARKER NUMBER
 > Martin Fuchs        Leica Geosystems AG                     OBSERVER / AGENCY
 > 451101              LEICA GRX1200GGPRO  7.70/3.018          REC # / TYPE / VERS
 >                     LEIAX1202GG     NONE                    ANT # / TYPE
 > So it should be fine for TEQC to do the same.

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