[teqc] what's in store for the next teqc release

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Feb 5 08:10:30 MST 2010

Dear all --

This may be a good time to consider a new teqc release.  There have
been a number of bug fixes, improvements, and new options since the last
release of 2009 Oct 19; see http://facility.unavco.org/software/teqc/log.html
Among these are:

* -tbin improvements for reading binary data that has incorrect
epochs on occasion, or obs epochs mixed with nav messages and/or met
epochs (the time tags of the various sorts of data are now kept
strictly independent when determining which time-binned file should
be accessed)

* new '-O.-obs' and '-M.-obs': you specify the observables that what
you want _removed_ (if they are present)

* ability to extract SBAS data from Ashtech B-file format

* code changes that should eliminate the need to ever use the header
editing '-O.st' option (even when decimating/windowing/splicing in
any combination)

* expanded use of '-ns' and '-ne' options

* new qc output line to show average S1, S2 (and S5, if present)

* improved decimation algorithm for very high-rate data (e.g. 100-Hz)

* new overloaded '-O.dec' option: -O.dec <new interval>[:<offset>]
(use optional <offset> to adjust starting epoch if interval does
not divide into even seconds (e.g. 0.07 s w/ 100-Hz data), even
minutes (e.g. 35 s w/ 1- or 5-sec data), etc. -- yes, believe it or
not, there are users who want/need this!)


What I need to know from you, the users, as soon as possible: are there
any minor problems that could be taken care of before the next release?
If you can think of something let me know.  (I mention this because
just after the 2009 Oct 19 release several users brought up issues that
had existed prior to the Oct 19 release and could have been dealt with
for the release.)  So, speak up now! :)


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