[teqc] batch file for teqc on windows

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Mar 9 07:05:03 MST 2010

Björn and Randy,

I would have suggested the '-tbin' option except that it only
applies if all the data is from the same setup (rx, antenna,
radome) and usually for the same survey point (although I suppose
it would apply for a kinematic survey if you want the files
time-binned in some way).  There wasn't enough information for
me to suggest using '-tbin' in Randy's case.

Björn's command was a little over exuberant ;)  -- one too many
'+obs +'.  And don't forget about the optional '-ast' part if
you need to align the start time in some special way.


> Hi Randy,
> I use something like this to convert all jps-files in a directory. (Modify
> for trimble and trim away excess output files.)
>    teqc -javad jps  -O.obs L1+C1+L2 +obs + +nav +,+ +obs + -tbin 1d site
> +err err.log *.jps
> Using 'tbin' might or might not be useful for you.
> --
>    Björn
>> Here is a sample list of files.
>> 91442660.DAT
>> 91442670.DAT
>> 91442721.DAT
>> 91442724.DAT
>> 91442725.DAT
>> 91442730.DAT
>> 91442732.DAT
>> 91442740.DAT
>> Thanks
>> r
>> Randy L. Tompkins, P.S.M.
>> Degrove Surveyors, Inc.
>> 2131 Corporate Square Boulevard
>> Jacksonville, FL 32216
>> 904-722-0400 Office
>> 904-722-0402 Fax
>> tompkins at degrove.com
>> www.degrove.com

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