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Randy Tompkins tompkins at degrove.com
Tue Mar 9 07:41:55 MST 2010

Hi Brad,

I have tried the trimble convert to rinex program.  I use trimble 4800
receivers for base stations when I rtk and collect a static session on
the base on every session.  Some time ago, 6 months to a year, maybe
more, when I submitted the raw trimble .dat files to OPUS, OPUS would
reject them with a message like:


FILE: 91440605.DAT 000070715


 9011   OPUS could not process the data file that was submitted.  The
data was

 9011   either very noisy or it was collected in kinematic mode.



The only difference I know I made on my end was an upgrade in the
receiver firmware, but can not for sure pinpoint this is the issue.
Trimble tech support can not figure out the problem and OPUS says the
problem is not on their end.  If I use the trimble convert to rinex
program, it carries through the conversion the error and I get the same
error when I submit the converted rinex file.


The guy from trimble and I worked out the work-around using the method
of :


teqc -O.obs L1+L2+C1 trimble4800file.dat > trimble4800file.o10




Randy L. Tompkins

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