[teqc] latest version of teqc on-line (17 Mar 2010)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Mar 17 09:34:19 MDT 2010


The latest development version (17 Mar 2010) of teqc is on-line:
As usual, save a copy of your current executable in case there
is some unexpected problem with the new executable.

The main fixes and changes since 19 Oct 2009 are given in detail in:
but here's a brief summary:

* -tbin improvements for reading binary data that has incorrect
epochs on occasion, or obs epochs mixed with nav messages and/or met
epochs (the time tags of the various sorts of data are now kept
strictly independent when determining which time-binned file should
be accessed)

* new '-O.-obs' and '-M.-obs': you specify the observables that what
you want _removed_ and they are removed from the input if they are present
(this includes deleting any unwanted observables from the default obs list
during translation)

* ability to extract SBAS data from Ashtech B-file format

* code changes that should eliminate the need to ever use the header
editing '-O.st' option (even when decimating/windowing/splicing in
any combination)

* expanded use of '-ns' and '-ne' options

* new qc output line to show average S1, S2 (and S5, if present)

* improved decimation algorithm for very high-rate data (e.g. 100-Hz)

* new overloaded '-O.dec' option: -O.dec <new interval>[:<offset>]
(use optional <offset> to adjust starting epoch if interval does
not divide into even seconds (e.g. 0.07 s w/ 100-Hz data), even
minutes (e.g. 35 s w/ 1- or 5-sec data), etc. -- yes, believe it or
not, there are users who want/need this!)

* expanded list of decoding for Trimble receiver and antenna types
from .dat/.tgd records


One set of executables that are built but not generally made available
are those compiled with gcc on Solaris (Sparc and x86).  (The released
builds for Solaris use Sun's native compilers.)  I do these to find yet
more fuzz in the code, but generally we don't use gcc-compiled executables
on Solaris here at UNAVCO -- we find they are slower than the Sun-compiled
builds.  But if any one is interested, let me know.


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