[teqc] ubx to rinex problem

Osmium Leung gaynana at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 05:25:37 MDT 2010


I have an ubx file that needs to be changed to a rinex obs and a nav file.
but teqc kept giving me a long list of "ublox message class/id __________
unknown or not coded yet ... skipping"
The unknown codes included 0x0a04, 0x0613, 0x0606, 0x0502, 0x060e, 0x0602,
0x0601, 0x0500, 0x0611, 0x0616, 0x0619, 0x061d, 0x0607, 0x061b, 0x0608,
0x0617, 0x061a.
Honestly, my resultant obs and nav files look good...
but i'm wondering if there will be any problems skipping these codes.

Thank you very much for the help!

Osmium Leung
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