[teqc] Re: [Support] Fwd: teqc: zero APPROX POSITION in u-blox RINEX files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Apr 23 09:33:53 MDT 2010

Dear Ricardo,

> I am converting u-blox binary files to RINEX using "teqc -ublox ubx .."
> The problem is that I always get zeroes in the APPROX POSITION record on
> the RINEX file header. However this information is present in the u-blox
> binary file. Is this a bug/feature? Is there a workaround?

The reason is the same for any translation with teqc: whatever metadata
that has been encountered by the first epoch to be output will be in
the header; otherwise (i.e. the metadata occurs after the first epoch
to be output) the metadata will not be in the header.

In your case, the UBX message with the antenna position must occur after
the first observation epoch.

What you can do: use '-O.px' or '-O.pg' to specify the position during
translation.  The coordinates can be obtained by using '+meta', e.g.
`teqc -ublox ubx +meta filename.ubx` which reads the entire file.


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