[teqc] G00 appearing in RINEX from Trimble NetR9 .T02 files

Simon Edwards S.Edwards at gns.cri.nz
Thu May 27 18:47:13 MDT 2010


I'm hoping someone can help with some G00 records that are appearing in a 
RINEX files....

>From a Trimble NetR9 (firmware 4.15) .T02 data file I used the following 
to create a RINEX file

runpkr00 -g -d  T02file TGDfile

and then with teqc (v 2010Mar17)

teqc -week $gpsweek -tr d  -O.obs "C1L1S1P1C2L2S2P2" -O.int 30 -O.rt 
"Trimble    NetR9" TGDfile > RNXfile

The issue I'm having is that for some epochs the last vehicle number is 
being interpreted as "G00" (and there are no related observables for G00 
included in the RINEX file)

 10  5 24  0  0  0.0000000  0 18R15G27R24G10G20G12G04G17R23R13R08G02
[after this would follow 17 sets of observables]

In the above example G00 should have been R01 (I think...), however it is 
not always R01 that gets misinterpreted, but it is always the last SV in 
the list and I've only seen it happen to GLONASS vehicles (Rxx).

As an added complication; interestingly for some epochs I will get a 
message like:
 "! Notice ! duplicate SV R17 @ 2010 May 24 00:12:30.000 being eliminated 
(input = R9T11440.10.tgd)"
When this happens the final SV is not interpreted at all.

This gives, for example:
 10  5 24  0 12 30.0000000  0 16R15G27R24G10G20G12G04G17R23R13R08G02

When I believe it should be:
 10  5 24  0 12 30.0000000  0 17R15G27R24G10G20G12G04G17R23R13R08G02


Any ideas?  I'm presuming the T02 files are the same as a T02 from a 

Thanks in advance,


Simon Edwards
Geodetic Specialist
GNS Science - Te Pu Ao, 
1 Fairway Drive, PO Box 30368, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
+64 4 570 4744
s.edwards at gns.cri.nz 

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