[teqc] G00 appearing in RINEX from Trimble NetR9 .T02 files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Jun 2 11:27:46 MDT 2010

Simon (and any other NetR9 users),

On 6/2/2010 11:21 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
> So, here's the way I see the situation (though Trimble may disagree),
> one of the following must be the cause of the problem for this particular
> record: either
> 1) Trimble's runpkr00 v5.17 is at fault and the "number of SVs"
> in record 27 should have been set to be 18 rather than 17 (in which
> case teqc detects the one invalid SV number and skips it as it does
> now), or
> 2) runpkr00 v5.17 is at fault and should have dropped the initial invalid
> SBAS PRN in this record 27 so that there would only be 17 measurement
> header/block segments in the record instead of the 18 in it, or
> 3) the documentation that I have for record 27 is an incomplete
> description to cover this particular case, i.e. the "number of SVs"
> says one thing but the number of measure header/block segments is
> for a different number of SVs. (In which case, one does what?)

Information from Trimble is pointing toward #3 as the answer.  Trimble is
in the process of reviewing an updated draft documentation on the change
for record 27, and then, hopefully, they'll send it along here so I can
see what needs to be changed in the teqc code.


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