[teqc] Re: Another question for the TEQC guru

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jun 10 09:16:54 MDT 2010

Dear Ian,

> I've now written a small program to further process data produced by Teqc.
> When I wrote this program the MP1, MP2 etc files I used where prefixed with
> "COMPACT2". These where produced from some sample RINEX files with 30 sec
> data.
> I have now come to use Teqc and my programme [...] with some RINEX files
> from a different source and 5 sec data, TEQC is now produces MP1, MP2 etc
> files with prefixed with "COMPACT" and the file format is different. If I
> re-run my original RINEX files I still get files prefixed with "COMPACT2".
> Is there a switch I can use so that I can always get COMPACT2 format files?
> Are these file format documented anywhere?

I'm cc-ing the whole list on this topic because it is (relatively) new.
Answers to both at http://ls.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2009/000827.html

The main problem was that the original "compact" ASCII format was developed
(for the now ancient but predecessor-to-teqc UNAVCO program "QC") when
there was only GPS SVs to consider.  It wasn't really set up for GNSS
complications.  Hence, the update to "compact2" for GNSS data.


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