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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jun 10 10:17:59 MDT 2010

Dear Мария,

> I have a question:" Is it possible to convert kinematic Stop&Go raw data
> files to Stop&Go RINEX by teqc?"
> I have kinematic Stop&Go raw data file by Leica MDB. Receiver is LEICA
> GX1230GG.
> If I use "teqc -leica mdb -O.obs L1+l2+ca+p2+s1+s2 120510_0140_0512_115239.m00 > 120510_0140_0512_115239.obs"
> command to teqc the RINEX observation file does not contain any markers name, but I
> know that data collection were in different time durations (several
> static occupations).
> teqc 2010Mar17 20100609 09:01:28UTCPGM / RUN BY / DATE
> MSXP|IAx86-PII|bcc32 5.0|MSWin95->XP|486/DX+ COMMENT

> RINEX file contains only 1 static occupation but it have same time
> spaces between epoches.
> For example:
> *10 5 12 9 13 45.0000000 3 0
> 10 5 12 9 13 45.0000000 *0 15G23G20G16G04G32G02G31G07G13R04R22R13
> R15R05R21
> This space means that new data collection was started on 10 5 12 9 13
> 45.0000000.
> But there is not MARKER NAME of new occupation.

> Please, help me!! What command to use for creating Stop&Go RINEX by teqc?

Your command is fine.  It appears that what you are after can't be
realized with teqc.  Why not?  Teqc is (nominally) a one-pass filter.
For translation this means that information in the input is translated
to RINEX (generally) as it is encountered.  Therefore, the marker name
or number has to appear as metadata in the input file _before_ the first
data epoch at that marker in order for the name or number to appear prior
to the data epochs in teqc-produced RINEX.  Now it is obvious that
the input of the marker name or number by the receiver operator/user for
a multi-marker survey depends on the receiver operator and the receiver
firmware, and some receiver firmware asks for this (and logs it to the
data file) after the data at a new mark has started (or maybe even after the
data collection at the new mark has been completed).  (I don't know the
specific situation of how the marks were entered by the user into your

The manufacturer's translation software is often written for the nuances
of that manufacturer's multi-marker survey data and metadata collection
and is then more optimized to yield the type of RINEX that you are

Also, going back through the development log:
there are these entries for 24 June 2008:

2008 June 24: decompose_Leica_MDB_82(), currently for reading of Leica MDB
record 130, was modified to work smoothly with Leica's upcoming GPS1200 6.0
firmware release, i.e. files collected at the same site will no longer show
a new site occupation in the RINEX obs file at the file boundaries of the
translated MDB files

new options +rssc (== "report site survey changes") and -rssc (== "don't ...)
were added, with +rssc being the default; if multiple Leica MBD files are
translated to RINEX with -rssc, then the survey start/end flags in MDB
record 130 are completely ignored (note: but there is no reason to use -rssc
with data collected with Leica's upcoming GPS1200 6.0 firmware release; -rssc
is mainly for use with data collected with pre-6.0 firmware)

You might want to try something like:

teqc -leica mdb +rssc +mds 120510_0140_0512_115239.m00

and see what you get.  (This does not translation to RINEX; the output
should be any site survey changes and a short (start/stop of epochs)
metadata summary.)

Also ... it appears that the '+rssc' option is only implemented in the
teqc code so far for the Leica MDB format.


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