[teqc] G00 appearing in RINEX from Trimble NetR9 .T02 files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Jun 14 14:18:29 MDT 2010

Simon (and any other NetR9 users),

followup from 2 June:

> Information from Trimble is pointing toward [specification changes of
> record 27 for NetR9]. Trimble is
> in the process of reviewing an updated draft documentation on the change
> for record 27, and then, hopefully, they'll send it along here so I can
> see what needs to be changed in the teqc code.

This is mostly under control with the new record 27 documentation from Trimble.
The basic idea is that Trimble is now using some previously unused bits to
enable new byte sequences within the record for some new data elements (of which
some are for engineering and others might be of use in some RINEX).  That you
were able to get anything reasonable at all from teqc, as previously written
for the original record 27, was very fortuitous.  I'm still awaiting
clarification on a few minor points -- on parts that probably would
not show up in normal NetR9 user data.  And the new "record 32" (0x20) that
was in your data file is encoding of Galileo/GIOVE ion/UTC model parameters.
The mismatch of the antenna number string from what's in the .tgd/.mes files
vs. the RINEX 2.11 direct from the NetR9 is still a mystery however.


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