[teqc] Converting Leica .m00 files to RINEX

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jul 27 07:41:57 MDT 2010

Dear Norbert,

> I'm trying to convert Leica m00 files from a GRX1200GGPRO receiver (FW
> 7.80, ME 3.019) to RINEX using teqc. The command I use is
> teqc -leica mdb myfile.m00
> This results in _many_ lines saying:
> ! Notice ! Leica MDB id 0x77 unknown or not coded yet ... skipping
> being printed to stdout.

Your command is correct (if you want the RINEX going to stdout) but you
must be using a older version of teqc.  Reading of Leica MDB record id 119
(== 0x77) was added 2008 Dec 31:


so teqc versions 2009Mar23, 2009Oct19, or 2010Mar17 would be needed to
read these.  There have been a number of little tweaks made for reading
MDB 119 records up through 2009Aug20, so it be on the safe side you
should use one of the last two versions.  Also, most of the time teqc
should be able to recognize an MDB file without needing the '-leica mdb'
in the command.

BTW, those "Notice" (and similar "Warning" or "Error") messages go
to stderr, not stdout.


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