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 Please excuse me for this letter and my pooring English.
      My name is Lee,a flashman in surveying  and mapping.
      Now,I have some GPS date in hand which I want to make quality check.These dates contain GPS date and GLONASS date ,So I think I need a lastest version of TEQC.If it is convenient,could you send me the sofeware so I can make this check and the research.

     Wish for your reply.



yjlee190 at 163.com 

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Ö÷Ì⣺ [teqc] Sasa Lazic Question dn 
Hello everyone,

I need a little help with interpreting the graphic that comes command
+ Qc. Part of the graphic is shown in the picture below.
-dn|+   ++  + +   ++++ ++  + ++ +++++   ++ +++  + +   ++ ++ ++ +++++   ++++               |-dn
+dn|                              e ee                                e                                                        |+dn
Pos|oo  o                          oo                              oo                                                       |Pos
Clk|                              ^ ^^                                ^                                                           |Clk
What do the labels + in the line-dn?
What do the labels in the line of the e + dn?

Thank in advance
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