[teqc] translation error for some recent JPS/TPS data (e.g. from Javad G3T Delta)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Aug 23 10:15:53 MDT 2010

For anyone using teqc for translation of JPS/TPS data:

A coding error was introduced into the teqc source code between
21 Apr 2009 and 28 Apr 2009 -- and just found and fixed today -- that
can lead to a completely wrong satellite listing (too few or too many
SVs, completely wrong SV numbers) when translating TPS or JPS data.

So far, the only receiver where this has been detected is the
Javad G3T Delta, IGS code of 'JAVAD TRE_G3TH DELTA', firmware

The "trigger" for encountering this coding error is for the
[SI] message (the SV listing) to precede the [RD] message
(the receiver date) -- which occurs with the G3T Delta using 3.1.7.
Apparently this ordering is rare, because I received quite a
bit of test data from different Javad receivers between mid-April
2009 and Apr 2010, plus all of our normal productions JPS and TPS
data handled daily here at UNAVCO, and none of it has this sequence
of [SI] followed by [RD].

This fix will obviously be in the next release, but if _and only
if_ you are encountering problems translating JPS or TPS data,
then please contact me as soon as possible for an interim build.
(Please you must supply the build line from `teqc +id`.)  But if
you are not encountering problems with your current teqc version
when translating your TPS/JPS, then there is no need for an interim

Apologies in advance for any inconveniences due to this error.


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