[teqc] translation error for some recent JPS/TPS data (e.g. from Javad G3T Delta)

Geoff Blewitt gblewitt at unr.edu
Mon Aug 23 10:19:47 MDT 2010

Hi Lou,

   Did you happen to test this new version on our
TPS data set which appeared to be corrupted?

- Geoff

On 08/23/2010 09:15 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
> For anyone using teqc for translation of JPS/TPS data:
> A coding error was introduced into the teqc source code between
> 21 Apr 2009 and 28 Apr 2009 -- and just found and fixed today -- that
> can lead to a completely wrong satellite listing (too few or too many
> SVs, completely wrong SV numbers) when translating TPS or JPS data.
> So far, the only receiver where this has been detected is the
> Javad G3T Delta, IGS code of 'JAVAD TRE_G3TH DELTA', firmware
> 3.1.7.
> The "trigger" for encountering this coding error is for the
> [SI] message (the SV listing) to precede the [RD] message
> (the receiver date) -- which occurs with the G3T Delta using 3.1.7.
> Apparently this ordering is rare, because I received quite a
> bit of test data from different Javad receivers between mid-April
> 2009 and Apr 2010, plus all of our normal productions JPS and TPS
> data handled daily here at UNAVCO, and none of it has this sequence
> of [SI] followed by [RD].
> This fix will obviously be in the next release, but if _and only
> if_ you are encountering problems translating JPS or TPS data,
> then please contact me as soon as possible for an interim build.
> (Please you must supply the build line from `teqc +id`.) But if
> you are not encountering problems with your current teqc version
> when translating your TPS/JPS, then there is no need for an interim
> build.
> Apologies in advance for any inconveniences due to this error.
> cheers,
> --lou
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