[teqc] Doppler measurements extracted from Leica database files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Sep 6 13:59:48 MDT 2010

hi Fabian,

Send two or three consecutive RINEX epochs from the teqc
translation and I'll tell you if the doppler is right or not.
I did find this in my development notes
( http://facility.unavco.org/software/teqc/log.html ):

2009 Jan 16: original documentation for Leica MDB record 119
had a error for the units of doppler (see 2008 Dec 31), but
guess as to what the doppler unit really was was correct,
so no change needed to Leica_MDB_77_obs(); reading of
Leica MDB record 119 ready for beta testing

2008 Dec 31: code added for reading Leica's new MDB record 119
for compact GNSS data — decompose_Leica_MDB_77(),
Leica_MDB_77_constellation(), Leica_MDB_77_obs(), and
Leica_MDB_77_signal_map() — and testing on one file from Leica;
discrepancies with the extracted doppler values compared to
the documentation


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> I'm converting Leica mXX (database format) files from a GRX1200G 
> receiver to RINEX using teqc with the command:
> teqc -O.obs L1D1L2D2 myfile.m00
> It extracts the corresponding observation types exactly in the order 
> stated above. When
> comparing the Doppler values extracted with teqc and the ones extracted 
> with LeicaGeoOffice, they
> don't match at all (The Doppler values from teqc are much larger on 
> average). All other observation types (L1 and L2) are mapped perfectly 
> fine.
> Is there anyone that has observed a similar discrepancy and is there any 
> idea how to resolve that?
> Any error in my command to convert the Leica file? (Is it impossible to 
> extract Doppler measurements
> from Leica-files with teqc?)
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Cheers,
> Fabian

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