[teqc] Trimble T02/Dat to Rinex Conversions

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Sep 22 14:05:44 MDT 2010

hi Kerry,

> Same T02 file in all cases
> T02 file to Rinex using ConvertToRinex (2.02.0) appears ok but processes
> high (~75mm)? Rinex antenna height 0.0, Using NGS absolute calibration
> data.
> T02 file to Dat (Trimble Data Transfer utility) then to Rinex using
> Dat2Rin (v3.50). Rinex antenna height -0.0692 (processes even higher of
> course)
> T02 file to Dat (Trimble Data Transfer utility) then to Rinex using TEQC
> (2010Mar17). TEQC gives a warning GPS week is 0 (not 1600) and results
> in Approx Position XYZ as 0,0,0 ??
> So what is TEQC trying to tell me?

GPS week: just look to make sure that the dates of the translation make
sense.  There are sometimes records that should have valid GPS week values
that don't.  After many years, the code in teqc has gotten to the point
that it should ignore these, but _look_ just to make sure.

approximate position in RINEX is 0 0 0:  This means that there was not
approximate position recorded _before_ the first data epoch.  (There
might be one later.)  Our approach: use `teqc +meta ...` to extract all
the metadata (no matter when it occurs in the file), parse the output
of +meta, and then use '-O.pg' with the supplied position when translating
to populate the RINEX header with the receiver's notion of the antenna

> Also are these Trimble conversions making adjustments with regard phase
> offsets, antenna heights relative to ARP etc. Receiver is an R8 GNSS Model 3

Someone from Trimble would have to answer that.

> Also file is Static/Kinematic and only the ConvertToRinex utility
> appears to convert this as expected?

Well, this is not the normal use case for teqc -- though it does work
when the stars and planets are aligned just right. ;) Trimble understands
all their little flags a whole lot better than I do, so of course their
software should work better for kinematic/static surveys.


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