[teqc] G00 appearing in RINEX from Trimble NetR9 .T02 files

Lennard Huisman L.Huisman at curtin.edu.au
Wed Sep 29 03:31:22 MDT 2010

Hi Lou,

I am having the same problem as described in this topic.

The reason for the problem was explained before, but I was looking for a
work-around. I did find one, but also found a problem when looking for
the work-around.

First the work-around that works:
With runpkr00 I create a tgd file from my NetR9 .T02 file:
runpkr00 -g -d NetR9.T02 NetR9.tgd

Next with teqc I create my rinex files, which will contain G00 and blank
lines as explained in this topic before:
teqc +obs NetR9.10o +nav NetR9.10n,NetR9.10g NetR9.tgd

Using perl replace string 'G00' with 'S26' (SBAS 126 does not appear in
Australia :) ):
perl -p -e "s/G00/S26/g" NetR9.10o > NetR9.obs

Now I remove all (blank) lines from 'S26' and cearte a clean obseravtion
teqc -S26 +obs NetR9.10o NetR9.obs

So far so good, however I wanted to use a non-existing PRN number like
G99, which from the teqc documentation I thought would be possible:

runpkr00 -g -d NetR9.T02 NetR9.tgd
teqc +obs NetR9.10o +nav NetR9.10n,NetR9.10g NetR9.tgd
perl -p -e "s/G00/G99/g" NetR9.10o > NetR9.obs
teqc -n_GPS 99 -G99 +obs NetR9.10o NetR9.obs

But I get the following message:

! Warning ! setting NAVSTAR GPS limit to 99 SVs > current allowable
maximum = 32
        (there may be unforseen consequences ...)
list2mask(): illegal limit for 32-bit mask= 99, offset= 0
teqc ... exiting

It seems -n_GPS 99 is accepted (the warning), but -G99 not (list2mask
message?). Did I misunderstand something?

Lennard Huisman

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> Simon (and any other NetR9 users),
> followup from 2 June:
> > Information from Trimble is pointing toward [specification changes
> > record 27 for NetR9]. Trimble is
> > in the process of reviewing an updated draft documentation on the
> change
> > for record 27, and then, hopefully, they'll send it along here so I
> can
> > see what needs to be changed in the teqc code.
> This is mostly under control with the new record 27 documentation from
> Trimble.
> The basic idea is that Trimble is now using some previously unused
> to
> enable new byte sequences within the record for some new data elements
> (of which
> some are for engineering and others might be of use in some RINEX).
> That you
> were able to get anything reasonable at all from teqc, as previously
> written
> for the original record 27, was very fortuitous.  I'm still awaiting
> clarification on a few minor points -- on parts that probably would
> not show up in normal NetR9 user data.  And the new "record 32" (0x20)
> that
> was in your data file is encoding of Galileo/GIOVE ion/UTC model
> parameters.
> The mismatch of the antenna number string from what's in the .tgd/.mes
> files
> vs. the RINEX 2.11 direct from the NetR9 is still a mystery however.
> cheers,
> --lou
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