[teqc] Azimuth and elevation calculations ...

osterle oskar.sterle at fgg.uni-lj.si
Tue Oct 5 03:58:50 MDT 2010

  Dear teqc users and developers,

I am using teqc for quality check of my RINEX files. One of these 
quality parameters is also sky plot, to se in detail obstacles in 
surroundings of gnss antenna.
But resulted azimuth and elevation files present all possible 
observations and not true observations. Is there any switch that result 
in real azimuth and elevation files?

And another issue that's been bothering me is calculated antenna 
position. In all calculations discrepancies are more than 200 m. Is that 
normal as receivers compute position
on a basis of same observations and navigation message?

Best regards,

Oskar Sterle

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