[teqc] G00 appearing in RINEX from Trimble NetR9 .T02 files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Oct 12 20:41:53 MDT 2010

Dear Simon and Lennard,

> Likewise Lou, thanks for your efforts.
> The interim build has been working without any problems on our 
> GPS/GLONASS set up.

> Thank you for all the effort to make it possible to process the NetR9
> data.
> I have just finished converting 2.5 months of GPS/GLONASS/GIOVE
> (L1L2L5C1C2P2C5S1S2S5) data of 2 NetR9 receivers to Rinex with the
> interim build of teqc you sent me this weekend. I did not have any
> problems!

Excellent.  We're also testing this version (a Solaris Sparc build),
though mainly to make sure that none of changes needed for reading
NetR9 .t02 -> .tgd changed anything for reading, say, the older
NetRS .t00 -> .tgd (same data records, but a slightly simpler structure
in each record).

Given this progress report, it's probably time for the next release
of teqc.  That will probably be in a week.

cheers everyone,

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