[teqc] teqc +diag parsing results from leica mdb

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Oct 20 07:57:46 MDT 2010

> I ve tried to search for this markers in the parsing results
> MDB 0x13 = 19
> MDB 0x14 = 20
> MDB 0x77 = 119
> MDB 0x78 = 120
> with "teqc -leica mdb +meta +diag 1.m00 2>&1 | grep "type= 0x13" | wc"
> and i did not found anything.It s quite strange because when i import
> this mdb file in leica geo office i can see the points and the baseline
> between reference station and each point. I also tried to teqc another
> mdb file from another leica device and i can find those markers, as you
> said. Also i can generate Rinex nav data and Rinex obs data from another
> leica device, but not from mine (only nav data with empty obs file).
> Maybe i something related to my controller. Again, something strange is
> that when i import data from my controller to leica geo office *i can't*
> see active satellites related to my measurements (point observation) but
> again the list of active satellites appear when I import mdb from
> another Leica device.
> I attached the mdb file to the email.

Thanks for sending a short file! :)  (Hint, hint, to the rest of you who
feel compelled to send 10's of MB of files for me to pour through ...)

The question is, then, where's the "data"?  Doing:
teqc +diag +mds 1.m00 2>&1 | grep "type= 0x0" | wc -l
teqc +diag +mds 1.m00 2>&1 | grep "type= 0xf" | wc -l

i.e. all 16 hexadecimal values, shows that this file has
   8 MDB records 0x6.
136 MDB records 0x7.
116 MDB records 0x8.
and that's it.  Explicitly looking for records 0x77 and 0x78 shows there
are none of these -- and these two records are the only ones in the range
of 0x60 - 0x8f that teqc is coded to look for data.

There's not enough in the 0x60-0x6f range to account for data, and,
additionally, I know what the eight records are in this range.

I don't think it's in the 0x70-0x7f range -- I know what almost of of
these are, and most in this range are GPS almanac 0x79 (64), GPS
ephemeris 0x73 (30), and point record 0x71 (34).

Next the 0x80-0x8f range.  I know what eight of these are:

0x80  1 - logging rate
0x82  2 - survey records
0x83 70 - interval records
0x84  0
0x85  0
0x8c 24 - GLONASS almanac
0x8d 18 - GLONASS ephemeris
0x8e  1 - GLONASS clock

-- which total 116, so that exactly accounts for all records in the
0x80-0x8f range.

This analysis also shows that there are plenty of GPS and GLONASS nav
records from which to make GPS and GLONASS RINEX nav files, as you
said you can create with teqc.

But, I honestly do not think there are any MDB data records in the 1.m00
file that you sent that can be converted to a RINEX obs file.  Maybe (?)
what Leica Geo Office does with this file is just show you the results of
what's in the 30 point records 0x71 -- you'll have to ask someone more
familiar with Leica Geo Office about that.


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