[teqc] GNSS satellite elevation angle and azimuth calculation ...

Oskar Sterle oskar.sterle at fgg.uni-lj.si
Thu Oct 28 04:04:42 MDT 2010

Dear teqc users and developers,

A while ago I posted a question about teqc qc mode and azimuth and 
elevation angle calculation. Teqc creates *.azi and *.ele files in 
COMPACT(2) format, where azimuths and elevation angles for
all possible positions of visible satellites are calculated. But I am 
more interested in plotting real situation i.e. azimuths and elevation 
angles should be calculated only for satellite positions where actual 
observations were made. In that way, obsticles in surroundings of GNSS 
antenna are visible from sky plot...
Teqc does not have that possibility.

I made a small program, named SkyPlot.exe, that does just that. It 
creates *.azr and *.elr files in COMPACT2 format, where azimuths and 
elevation angles are calculated only for satellite positions, where 
observations were made. In case anybody is interested in obtaining this 
program, please contact me.

Program can be run in same way as teqc - console program:
SkyPlot -orinex_file [-nGpsNavigation_file] [-nGlonassNavigation_file] [-v]

But please note, I am not programmer. I made this program in C++ on 
Windows 7 64x operating system, compiled with MinGW compiler...

Best regards,

Oskar Sterle
Department of Geodesy
Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering,
Slovenia, Europe

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