[teqc] GNSS satellite elevation angle and azimuth calculation ...

Jay Lewis first.user at ITSware.net
Fri Oct 29 16:10:15 MDT 2010

Actually the wide interest does not surprise me.  I have just started 
looking for some good orbital source code we could build into a ranging 
model project, and this has awakened my understanding that it is still a 
bit of a technology hill to climb to get east access to a function that 
will answer the simple question "where is bird x at time y from my position 
z... "  Your effort here appreciated, and will use its tables as a spot 
check of the work we have.  Would love to see the code base when you 
release it to understand the approach a bit more.

DC Kelley

At 04:41 PM 10/29/2010 +0200, Oskar Sterle wrote:

>Dear teqc users and developers,
>OK, I didn't expect a lot of interest for this program and I was 
>fortunately wrong. Therefore I put my SkyPlot program on our ftp site:
>- cut - - cut - - cut -
>Oskar Sterle
>>Department of Geodesy
>>Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering,
>>Slovenia, Europe
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