[teqc] teqc spliced 1sec RINEX bug ... ?

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Nov 2 12:33:43 MDT 2010

Hi Angie,

Your use is what '+relax' started off supporting: it required just the
minimal RINEX header lines (let's say, to actually process the file) and
the rest were optional (as far as input when using '+relax' was concerned).
That usage (i.e. not requiring all "required" RINEX header lines) is
still safe.

The situation changed when '+relax' started to be used to get past a
variety of other formatting problems that we were encountering in the
data section of what was supposed to be RINEX.   Rather than introduce
yet another option, such cases were included in what '+relax' would handle.
But these are considerably more dangerous.

Generally speaking, I think '+relax' should be used carefully with constraint.
Improper RINEX formatting (leading to what I call "pseudo-RINEX") needs to
be identified and repaired at the source.  (Hence the topic of this
thread -- to fix a bug in teqc which leads to "pseudo-RINEX".)  Relying on
'+relax' and letting improper RINEX creation go unchecked is not a good methodology.


On 11/2/2010 11:32 AM, Angelyn W. Moore wrote:
> On 11/02/2010 07:45 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
>> +relax -- do not use this unless you think you have to; this is only
>> meant to be used to get by certain pseudo-RINEX input and certainly
>> isn't 100% reliable (Dr. Sibthorpe's input files might really need
>> this ...)
> Hi Lou,
> FYI, I have to use +relax operationally because of RINEX that comes in
> lacking, for example, the OBSERVER / AGENCY line in the header. It may
> be required in the docs, and I agree that it ought to be there, but
> really isn't a reason to skip processing the file if it arrives that
> way. Maybe there needs to be an option that allows slightly deficient
> headers but not pseudo-RINEX input, if it is that dangerous.
> Cheers
> Angie
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