[teqc] about GLONASS navigation message file

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Nov 8 07:32:19 MST 2010

Dear Shixian,

> I have a problem about using teqc to convert from Topcon TPS
> format to GLONASS navigation message file.
> Shixian.

 From `teqc +help`:

+nav[file(s)] list   output any NAV records in native format to RINEX filename 'list'
       where 'list' == system filename(s) ordered gps[,glonass],[sbas]] (- or _ to omit a specific system name)

so the syntax could be like:

teqc -topcon tps +nav tmp.gps,tmp.glo file.tps > tmp.obs

It looks like this never made it to the tutorial, e.g. if it had
it probably would be under 'translation':
but the general syntax was covered in release notes from long ago when
this functionality was added for Ashtech files containing GLONASS nav:


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