[teqc] about GLONASS navigation message file

Param Gautam pkrgautam.iitr.03 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 03:49:06 MST 2010

please any gamit user tell me where is the problem in gamit processing.
following error is showing

STOP FATAL Error: Stop from report_stat statement executed

Deleting the following file types: c
Expt = wihg : Orbt = igsf
Cleaning 2007_182
Deleting files c for day 182
  ** Processing failure ; see sh_gamit.log, GAMIT.fatal, GAMIT.warning,
GAMIT.status in 2007_182 for messages
FATAL  :101124:2031:22.0 AUTCLN/read_cfiles: No valid cfiles read


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