[teqc] filtering error with value of "32" introduced 5 Oct 2010

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Nov 24 09:23:04 MST 2010


On 5 Oct 2010, I completely overhauled the filtering in teqc (used, for
example, with option '-G...') so that multiple bytes were used to
accommodate Galileo PRN values greater than 32 (e.g. GIOVE A and B
are reported, depending on receiver, with values as high as 53;
see http://facility.unavco.org/science_tech/gnss_modernization.html#Galileo
and to now allow "channel" numbers greater than 32.

However, due to a couple of minor typos, the value of "32" for these
filtering options ended up being assigned to the wrong byte in the new code.
Therefore, trying to do, say, '-G32' with most the most recent release
(2010Oct21) won't work.  This has been corrected in the development code
and will be in the next full release.


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