[teqc] RINEX nav files question.

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Nov 29 08:03:03 MST 2010


> I'd like to know why when rinexing Leica mdb files with TEQC, the nav
> file generated is different that nav file generated with a Leica
> software; more specifically, the differences are in ToW data in some
> satellites.
> I have attached two files, one of them generated with Leica software
> (ALG13060.10n) and the other one generated with TEQC (ALG23060.10n).
> Please, look at the 15th line in ALG13060.10n and 12th line in
> ALG13060.10n, for example.

Is the original data in Leica LB2 or MDB format?  My notes on Leica formats
show that the ToW (time of week of the specific nav message transmission)
is not stored with the nav message.  To get an estimate of when this might
be, I use other time tags in these formats to estimate when the nav message
was received, assuming that the messages are output as they are collected
by the receiver.  (And the GPS ToW only needs to be to 30 second granularity.)
So it's an approximation based on what's known.

As to what Spider is doing, you'll have to ask Leica.

> The consequence of these differences is that the navigation positions
> obtained with +eepx flag and a unique observation file are very
> different, being much more dispersed with nav file from TEQC than nav
> file from Leica software.

"more dispersed"?


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