[teqc] MET file decimation question

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Dec 7 07:12:40 MST 2010

Dear Hyunho Kim,

> I have a problem using teqc software.
> ( version : 2006Dec12, build : Linux 2.4.20-8|Pentium IV|gcc|Linux|486/DX+ )
> I had a MET file(GOSN340a.10m) which is 5 seconds epoch. (0m 1s, 0m 6s, 0m 11s, 0m 16s, 0m 21s, 0m 26s …)
> I want to edit this file to 60 seconds epoch. (1m 0s, 2m 0s, 3m 0s, 4m 0s, …)
> So I used the flag “–M.dec 60”. But result file(result) did not have data record.
> The result file was only header. And comment line was added as “Forced
> Modulo Decimation to 60 seconds”.
> O-file (-O.dec 60) was test too. But O-file is well edit.
> How edit to these MET file? Please help me.

What you want isn't possible.  As you say, the epochs in your file
are 0m 1s, 0m 6s, 0m 11s, 0m 16s, 0m 21s, 0m 26s, ..., 59m 56s
and what you want are epochs at 0m 0s, 1m 0s, 2m 0s, 3m 0s, 4m 0s, ...
Well, as you can see, there are no met epochs at those times in
your input.

Now, if your input had data at 0m 0s, 0m 5s, 0m 10s, 0m 15s, 0m 20s,
0m 25s, ..., 59m 55s, then using '-M.dec 60' would correctly decimate
the input to 0m 0s, 1m 0s, 2m 0s, 3m 0s, 4m 0s, ...  (I just tried it,
and it works fine -- at least for the current version.)


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