[teqc] Quality check mode

S.J. van der Merwe sj at vandermerwe.info
Wed Dec 8 06:39:23 MST 2010

Dear TEQC Authors

Before I state my question, well done on a very useful tool for GPS data

I have a question regarding the quality check satellite visibility graph
generate in QC mode. This graph indicates in which time interval which
satellite has data (L1, L2 etc.). However, what I would like to know is how
valid observations must there be per time interval for the interval to be
classified as containing some or all the variables. Is this measured as
percentage of the total number of observations per interval? In other words,
say we have 400 observations per time interval. If 300 of those contain (A/S
on; L1 C/A|P1 L2 P2) it is flagged as "o". Or must the whole time interval
be complete with the same quality of data?

I thank you in advance for your help!


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