[teqc] latest version of teqc on-line (15 Mar 2013)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Mar 15 10:21:38 MDT 2013

dear All,

The latest official version (15 Mar 2013)* of teqc is on-line:
As usual, save a copy of your current executable in case there
is some unexpected problem with the new executable.

The main fixes and changes since 6 Jun 2012 are given in detail in:
but here's a very brief summary:

- this release includes an accompanying new PDF tutorial:
(and many thanks to our many reviewers)

- this release includes a Mingw build for both 32- and 64-bit Windows

- this release still has (because the machines are still alive)
builds for HP-UX and Solaris 5.9 Sparc -- but don't depend on these
builds being available forever ...

- the RINEX nav in -> out for GLONASS and SBAS problem (for SV filtering,
splicing, windowing, etc.) should be fixed

- a revamped reader for Trimble's RT27 data payload, both for .tgd
record 27 or in Trimble stream record 0x57-6 (e.g. sorting out Galileo
vs. Beidou-2/Compass SVs, decoding of observables, ...)

- as per the long-overdue update (or, if you will, correction) to
the RINEX 2.11 specification, this version of teqc will now accept
RINEX nav of GPS or GLONASS labeled '2.11'

- a correction to reading of the GLONASS slot number in the Septentrio SBF
4004 message

- standardization for setting the GLONASS tk nad Bn health bit parameters
when reading binary input

- a correction for extracting the GPS health bits from Trimble .dat/.tgd
records 21 and 28 and Trimble stream records 0x55-1 and 0x55-9

- reading of Beidou-2/Compass, QZSS, and GLONASS G3 data from Septentrio SBF

- the '+meta' option now works correctly when listing multiple BINEX files
as input

- you can use the ISO 8601 'T' in time field for -st and -e, e.g.
'-st 2012_11_15T00:00:00'

- new option '+L2SA_L2' for GLONASS (analogous to the now GPS-only '+L2C_L2')

- improved (more GNSS-like and less GPS-specific) explanation of the
ASCII time plot indicators using the '++sym' option

- improved logic for determining ASCII time plot indicators (e.g. previous
versions of teqc would not indicate any GLONASS data if the receiver was
tracking L1SA, L1HA, and L2SA but not L2HA)

- this is also the first release that has all re-writable string compiler
options removed (which was required for gcc 4.x compiling originally); if
there are any remaining issues related to this they will only manifest
themselves as run-time errors

Reminder from 6 Jun 2012: teqc uses:

official RINEX 2.11:
   | GPS     L1         1575.42     C1,P1       L1         D1         S1       |
   |         L2         1227.60     C2,P2       L2         D2         S2       |
   |         L5         1176.45      C5         L5         D5         S5       |
   |                                                                           |
   | GLONASS G1         1602+k*9/16 C1,P1       L1         D1         S1       |
   |         G2         1246+k*7/16 C2,P2       L2         D2         S2       |
   |                                                                           |
   | Galileo E2-L1-E1   1575.42      C1         L1         D1         S1       |
   |         E5a        1176.45      C5         L5         D5         S5       |
   |         E5b        1207.140     C7         L7         D7         S7       |
   |         E5a+b      1191.795     C8         L8         D8         S8       |
   |         E6         1278.75      C6         L6         D6         S6       |
   |                                                                           |
   | SBAS    L1         1575.42      C1         L1         D1         S1       |
   |         L5         1176.45      C5         L5         D5         S5       |

However, we're going to allow you to use an "extended" 2.11, which will
also allow for GPS L1C (which won't be available for a few years yet) and
GLONASS L3 (available only from GLONASS-K, which currently is only GC # 701,
which is still in 'flight tests' and not part of the official constellation),
and Beidou-2/Compass and QZSS signals, reusing the same set of two-character
observable designations:

RINEX 2.11 "extended":
   | GPS     L1C        1575.42      C7         L7         D7         S7       |
   |                                                                           |
   | GLONASS G3         1202.025     C7         L7         D7         S7       |
   |                                                                           |
   | Compass B1/E2  I/Q 1561.098     C1         L1         D1         S1       |
   |         B2/E5b I/Q 1207.14      C7         L7         D7         S7       |
   |         B3/E6  I/Q 1268.52      C6         L6         D6         S6       |
   |         B1-2/E1I/Q 1589.742     C2         L2         D2         S2       |
   |                                                                           |
   | QZSS    L1C/A      1575.42      C1         L1         D1         S1       |
   |         L1C        1575.42      C7         L7         D7         S7       |
   |         L1-SAIF    1575.42      C8         L8         D8         S8       |
   |         L2C        1227.60      C2         L2         D2         S2       |
   |         L5 I/Q     1176.45      C5         L5         D5         S5       |
   |         LEX S/L    1278.75      C6         L6         D6         S6       |

You will need to use '+relax' to get out QZSS and/or Beidou-2/Compass observables
in 2.11 "extended" RINEX obs.  Such files are for your own use and should not
be disseminated.

- Galileo/GIOVE and QZSS ephemerides can be output to a 2.xx-like format (again,
unofficial), and these can be extracted from:

      - BINEX 0x01-04 (Galileo/GIOVE) and 0x01-06 (QZSS)
      - Trimble .tgd record 28 (and maybe from 0x55-9 -- untested)
      - Topcon TPS and Javad JPS [EN] (Galileo/GIOVE)
      - Javad JPS [QE] (QZSS)

--lou & stu

* The 'Ides of March' 2013 release -- sounds ominous! :)

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