[teqc] upcoming changes to qc "compact*" plot files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Oct 25 12:59:21 MDT 2013


Code changes for the full qc of GNSS data (including Beidou/Compass)
is moving along, but I want to apprise you of upcoming changes
in the 'compact*' plot file format.  You might want to quickly
review the current formats:

'compact', GPS-only: http://ls.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2007/000566.html
'compact2', GNSS:    http://ls.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2009/000827.html

- In the next release there will be _no_ 'compact' or 'compact2'
formats, no option to create them, no backwards compatibility, etc.
(Get over it now.  Cry, stomp your feet, hold your breath until you
pass out -- whatever you have to do, but now is the time to more on.)
In the next release the format all the time will be a new 'compact3'
format which is most similar to the 'compact2' format, but with the
following changes:

- The first line will be 'COMPACT3'.

- There will be no no fixed 'delta' time between epochs in
'compact3', so there will be no 'T_SAMP' line.  (This will
also allow the sample interval to change during the observations,
something not possible with either the original 'compact'
format or the later GNSS 'compact2' format.)

- The start time in 'compact3' will be recorded as an epoch time
in GPS time (like in a RINEX file), not in modified Julian days.
The start time will be the first epoch for the specific 'compact3'
file; the start time probably won't be the same for all the
'compact3' files created from the qc run.

- Each "epoch" line will state the number of seconds since the
start time.  This will be immediately followed in the same line
by a number stating the number of GNSS SVs and then a listing
of those SVs, just like in 'compact2', or a '-1' meaning, again
like in 'compact2', that the SV listing is identical to the
previous epoch.

- If there's a gap in the data -- for whatever reason -- there won't
be any "no data" epochs as there are now in 'compact' and 'compact2'.
Instead, the file will just pick up if the data for the specific
'compact3' file starts up again.  (Remember, you'll have the
time since the specified start time.)  Consequently:

- There should be no epoch lines with zero SVs.  (If such a
thing occurs, it will be considered a bug to be fixed.)

- If there's a slip (in the ionospheric combination, in the time
rate-of-change of the ionospheric combination, in the multipath, etc.)
the slip marker will just be an 'S' character.  (Now this indicator
is different for the different 'compact' and 'compact2' plot files.)

- The suffixes of the more common combinations will change:

'compact2'   'compact3'
---------    ----------
   .ion   ->    .i12
   .iod   ->    .d12
   .mp1   ->    .m12
   .mp2   ->    .m21

- Also the '+tec' option is being eliminated.

Sorry for any inconveniences, but this is for the best, believe me.


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