[teqc] Navsat navigation file empty on some -leica mdb files

Thu Mar 17 11:13:27 MDT 2016

Hello everyone, nice to meet you.

I'm trying to automatize some tasks using teqc (great program by the
way, thanks for it). Recently i added to my transformation routines the
flags -st and -e, it works like a charm in most cases, but in some cases
the generated navsat navigation file (the first parameter after the +nav
flag) results in an empty file (0 bits size), wich then exits the teqc
+qc process with error (which is normal and nice):

teqc: failure before '' on line 0 of '1secLENA012x.16n'
    (unable to read file; check for empty file) ... exiting

It happends when generating hourly 5sec and 1sec RINEX.

If i remove the -st and -e parameters and run the same transformation it
outputs +nav .n, .g files correctly (for the same RAW input files). The
vast majority of the rest of RAW files from the same antena don't have
this problems and i can safely provide -st and -e. On the "offending"
RAW, running teqc +meta on the files don't show nothing abnormal, if i
delete the .n file and run teqc +qc on the obs file generated everything
seems ok.

The command flags i'm using (some data have been scrambled):

teqc \
-leica mdb \
-O.r "xxx" \
-O.o "xxx" \
-O.ag "xxxx" \
-O.mo "LENA" \
-O.mn "xxx" \
-O.rn "666666" \
-O.rt "LEICA GRX1200+GNSS" \
-O.rv "8.71/6.112" \
-O.an "11111111" \
-O.at "LEIAS10         NONE" \
-O.px[WGS84xyz,m] 6556789.8182 -234678.0958 2345678.7892 \
-O.pe[hEN,m] 0 0 0 \
-O.c "xxxxxxx" \
-O.int 1 \
-O.dec 1 \
-week 1879 \
-st 2016_01_12:23:00:00 \
-e 2016_01_12:23:59:59 \
+nav 1secLENA012x.16n,1secLENA012x.16g \
+out 1secLENA012x.16o LENA012x.m00 LENA012x.m30

And the teqc version i'm using:
version:     teqc  2015Nov6
build:       Linux 2.4.21-27.ELsmp|Opteron|gcc -static|Linux x86_64|=+

The output when i run the teqc command don't show nothing unusual...

! Notice ! existing file 1secLENA012x.16n will be overwritten as a
! Notice ! existing file 1secLENA012x.16g will be overwritten as a
! Notice ! Leica MDB 130: survey starts @ 2016 Jan 12 23:00:00.000 GPS time

Any idea, where could be the problem?.
Thank you very much in advance, best regards

Nicolás Victorero Mier
Gobierno del Principado de Asturias
C/ Coronel Aranda nº 2, 5ª dcha., 33005
Tlfno: (034)985 10 55 92 (ext 13719)
nicolas.victoreromier at asturias.org

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