[teqc] next official version of teqc on-line (2016 Apr 1)

Jim Frame jhframe at dcn.org
Mon Apr 4 22:31:58 MDT 2016

Not a big deal, but I noticed that the Win64 zip file contains the 
executable without an extension, i.e. the file is named teqc rather than 
teqc.exe.  Adding the extension seems to allow it run fine, though.


On 4/1/2016 9:51 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
> dear All,
> The next official version -- 2016Apr1 -- of teqc is on-line:
> http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/teqc.html#executables
> As usual, save a copy of your current executable in case there
> is some unexpected problem with the new executable.
> The main changes and fixes since 2015 Nov 6 are given in detail at
> http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/log/log.html#2016Apr01
> but here's a very brief summary:
> - This releases fixes the bug introduced on 11 Sep 2015 -- and was
> therefore
> in the 2015 Nov 6 release -- which could result in a segmentation or memory
> fault when both reading and outputting certain RINEX observation files.
> (The occurrence was dependent on the size of the phase values.)
> - This release fixes the differences that have developed between the
> USI ("Universal Satellite Identifier") indices between Topcon TPS and
> Javad JPS that have developed over time (i.e. since Topcon and Javad
> parted ways).  The previous code was mostly a problem for users trying
> to look at Beidou data.
> - This releases fixes a bug related to the JPS and TPS message [::]
> (ET, "epoch time"); since this message is not really used by teqc,
> it should now be safely ignored regardless of its location in a block
> of messages for any given data epoch.
> - This releases fixes a strange bug when reading certain TurboBinary or
> ConanBinary data that prevented some GPS ephemerides from being read
> if the GPS week was greater than 1023 (as it currently is).
> - This release fixes a bug that was sometimes encountered when reading raw
> data when there was a navigation message logged in the previous week
> causing
> the options '+meta' or '+mds' to incorrectly terminate teqc and indicating
> to the user to use '-week' with the _following_ week, i.e. the week after
> the data actually started.  This subtle bug has around since the beginning
> of teqc, but just rarely encountered and it was not at all clear what the
> cause was.  The effect during translation of such raw data not using
> '-week'
> at all was minor: it would merely ignore and not translate any such
> navigation
> message logged from the previous week.
> - This releases fixes a bug related to the identification, in RINEX
> 2.11-ese,
> of the GLONASS-K FDMA signal G3 I+Q at 1202.025 MHz when reading Javad JPS.
> The correct identification should be as L7/C7/D7/S7 observables, as defined
> in extended RINEX 2.11 (see
> http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2013/001492.html).
> - This releases fixes another bug that has been around since the beginning
> such that if the user is trying to use double-quotes on a teqc option, esp.
> in a teqc configuration file, but has a syntax error, teqc should now not
> crash with a segmentation or memory fault, but report the offending syntax
> to the user and then gracefully exit.  E.g. in a teqc config file, now try:
> -O.rv "my new firmware
> as opposed to the correct:
> -O.rv "my new firmware"
> (On a UNIX/Linux command line, the double-quotes are being interpreted by
> the shell you are using, not teqc, so the result is shell-dependent.)
> - This release continues the new option paradigm for the options:
>      +dump_ion, ++dump_ion
>      +dump_utc, ++dump_utc
> ... so please consult `teqc +help` if you use any of these options, e.g.
> [2385] teqc +help | grep dump_i
>          +dump_i[on] .        output any ionosphere model parameters to
> stdout
>          +dump_i[on] ..       output any ionosphere model parameters to
> stderr
>          +dump_i[on] name     output any ionosphere model parameters to
> file 'name'
>          ++dump_i[on] name    append any ionosphere model parameters to
> file 'name'
>          -dump_i[on]          don't output ionosphere model parameters
> except to RINEX nav header (default)
> Not available with this release:
> - any HP-UX builds (due to a lack of access an HP-UX system for compiling)
> - the Borland build for Windows (due to losing my antiquated Borland
> environment
>    in Nov 2015 -- just days after the 6 Nov 2015 build was done);
> instead, use
>    the Mingw-32 bit build
> - the Mac OSX i5 gcc 4.2 64-bit build; instead, use the OSX i5 gcc 4.3
> 64-bit build
> cheers,
> --lou
> p.s. Yes, this is being released on April Fool's Day, April 1 -- just a
> timing
> issue so we can cut this loose -- but I assure you it's 100% legitimate.
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