[teqc] next official version of teqc on-line (2016 Apr 1)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Apr 5 07:57:01 MDT 2016

Thanks for pointing that out, Jim.  The same was true for the Win32 zip file.
Now both .zip files for Windows are fixed.  (This was due to a slight mistake
in the script that put creates each .zip file and an apparent behaviour of the
way zip works when you first try to zip a file that doesn't exist.)


On 04-Apr-16 10:31 PM, Jim Frame wrote:
> Not a big deal, but I noticed that the Win64 zip file contains the executable without an extension, i.e. the file is named teqc rather than
> teqc.exe.  Adding the extension seems to allow it run fine, though.
> Thanks!

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