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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon May 2 10:15:18 MDT 2016

Correction: You _can_ override any format specified in the teqc config file by
specifying the format on the command line.  This has been true for at least a decade.
(I must have had a typo in my quick test last week and didn't notice.  But then
after examining the code it seemed like it should have worked.  Well, it does.)

Sorry about that.


p.s. I also had intended to put the GPS week at the end of the subject line, but
then forgot.  So last week's tip was for week 1894.

On 28-Apr-16 2:03 PM, Lou Estey wrote:
> hi everyone,
> I've been meaning to try to send out a helpful tip using teqc every once in a while,
> so today is the (long-overdue) trial run. :)
> Users gradually discover that they need several teqc options set to do exactly what they
> want to do all of the time. Including all these options in a typed command or even
> in a script all the time can get somewhat onerous.
> There is, however, a fairly straightforward solution that has been part of teqc's
> design since the beginning over 20 years ago: put all of the needed options into a file.
> The easiest strategy to read is to have one option per line in the file, but strictly
> speaking this is not required. You can even begin any line with a '#' character (just
> like in normal scripts) to treat that line like a comment.
> Then to use this file, which is called a teqc configuration file, use just the
> '-config' option followed by the name of your special teqc configuration file.
> You can even override many options in your teqc configuration file with the same option
> with a different argument or setting on the command line. For example, you might
> have a teqc configuration file with '-O.obs' followed by the desired observables that
> you want in the desired output. But even using this config file, you can override
> the file's -O.obs setting by using '-O.obs' with a different observable list
> on the command line (either before or after '-config' and the name of your teqc
> config file on the command line).
> In fact, here at UNAVCO, we have a unique teqc configuration file for every equipment
> configuration for every permanent station for which we archive GPS/GNSS data.
> (We currently have and keep over 20000 of them.)
> For more on teqc configuration files and using options, see more at
> http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/tutorial/tutorial.html#sec_09
>    Using teqc for RINEX Header Editing & Extraction;
>    Introduction to Configuration Options and Files and the teqc Option Hierarchy
> and
> http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/tutorial/tutorial.html#sec_10
>    Configuration Options and Command Line Options; What's the Difference?
> ... and if you discover any errors, please let me know.
> Note: One thing that you cannot yet override if it is specified in a teqc config
> file is the format of the target file(s) to be read.  For example, if in your teqc
> config file you have '-tr d' to specify that the target file(s) are Trimble .dat/.tgd
> format, you cannot (yet) override this with a different format specification, like
> '-tr s' or '-leica lb2' or '-septentrio sbf'.  Maybe in the next release ...
> cheers,
> --lou
> p.s. If this was helpful and you would like to see more "helpful tips", let me know.
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