[teqc] qc plot file could not generates,

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed May 25 07:40:25 MDT 2016

On 25-May-16 5:19 AM, Yohannes Getachew wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I have install the*teqc *software for linux from unavco website. However, I could not get any plot file (i.e, *.mp1, .mp2, .ion, .iod, .azi,
> or .ele*) when I run *"teqc +qc -nav  navigation_file rinex_file"*. For example I have run on Linux terminal this command "*$ teqc +qc -nav
> brdc0010.12n adis0010.12o "*,  but noting generate except *"adis0010.12S"* files. I have also trying to include the "+plot" option but her
> also the *mp1, *and *.mp2 *plot file are not created.
> Please help me, I am very thankful for your consideration and time!!!
> Best regards,
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dear Yohannes,

Yes, including the '+plot' option, e.g. `teqc +qc +plot -nav navigation_file rinex_file`,
is definitely needed given that since 13 Nov 2013 '-plot' has been the default and
'+plot' is needed to get the compact3 "plot" files:

[279] teqc +help | grep compact3
                 +plot                    write 'compact3' plot file(s)
                 -plot                    don't write any 'compact3' plot file(s) (default)

So you are saying that when you executed:

teqc +qc +plot -nav brdc0010.12n adis0010.12o

that files .m12 and .m21 were not created?  Is you data dual-frequency?
I.e. you need both pseudorange and phase data from L1 and L2 signals in order
to construct the M12 and M21 multipath combinations.

One way to quickly check: execute `teqc -O.sum . adis0010.12o`.


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