[teqc] MDB to Observation (rinex) files

terki toufik terkitoufik at gmail.com
Mon May 30 06:46:34 MDT 2016

hi everyone. I need some help.

I have noticed a strange behaviour when converting mdb files into
observation files using teqc.

I have a directory with 24 mdb files of one hour (from 'a' to 'x') and I
used teqc to make a rinex file of 24h using the following script :

*teqc +obs + -tbin 1d CODE CODE001*.m***

the problem is : when one of the 24 files is from a year which is later
then the other files (for example : the file CODE001n.m00 is from 2014 and
all the 23 other files are from 2013), then teqc makes 2 observations
files, one with *.13o *extension resulting from the 13 first files (from
'a' to 'm') and a second with *.14o *extension resulting from the 14th file
('n') only. The remaining files ('o' to 'x') are not considered.

Is there any solution to this issue ?

Thank you.
*Terki Toufik*
Ingénieur de soutien à la recherche
Centre de Recherche en Astronomie, Astrophysique et Géophysique C.R.A.A.G.
Route de l'Observatoire B.P 63 Bouzaréah Alger Algérie
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