[teqc] MDB to Observation (rinex) files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon May 30 08:05:47 MDT 2016

dear Terki,

Ok, you have 24 hourly MDB files, CODE001[a-x].m*, all from 2013 except file CODE001n.m00 which is from 2014.
Sure, if you try to do anything with teqc using all these files in one command treating them all as sequential
input, then yes, what you describe is exactly what is going to happen.  When teqc encounters the epochs in
file CODE001[o-x].m*, which all occur _before_ the last epoch in CODE001n.m00, teqc ignores them (although you
should have gotten some notice or warning).

Solution: Do two runs and change your shell's file globbing: one for files CODE001[a-mo-x].m* in 2013 and the
other run just for file CODE001n.m00 in 2014.


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On 2016 May 30, 6:46 AM, terki toufik wrote:
> hi everyone. I need some help.
> I have noticed a strange behaviour when converting mdb files into observation files using teqc.
> I have a directory with 24 mdb files of one hour (from 'a' to 'x') and I used teqc to make a rinex file of 24h using the following script :
>         teqc +obs + -tbin 1d CODE CODE001*.m*
> the problem is : when one of the 24 files is from a year which is later then the other files (for example : the file CODE001n.m00 is from 2014
> and all the 23 other files are from 2013), then teqc makes 2 observations files, one with /*.13o */extension resulting from the 13 first files
> (from 'a' to 'm') and a second with /.14o /extension resulting from the 14th file ('n') only. The remaining files ('o' to 'x') are not considered.
> Is there any solution to this issue ?
> Thank you.
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