[teqc] teqc for deciminate data

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Jun 3 08:11:16 MDT 2016

If the data being decimated has an interval greater than 1 second, using
'-O.int #', where # is the original interval, should not be needed. (But
it does no harm at all to include this, as long as it is the correct interval,
as Chi-Yu Shiu suggested.)

If the data being decimated has an interval of 1 second or less (e.g. 1 sec for 1-Hz data,
0.5 second for 2-Hz data, 0.2 second for 5-Hz data, 0.1 second for 10-Hz data, etc.)
then you probably should include '-O.int #'.  If you don't, then the
data will be decimated at the interval that you specified with '-O.dec #',
but generally starting at the first epoch of the input.

See also http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2004/000066.html and several
earlier emails in that thread.


On 02-Jun-16 9:13 PM, Chi-Yu Chiu wrote:
> Dear Susilo,
>     Please try with "-O.int 1 -O.dec 30".
>     Best Regards,
> Susilo, ST <susilo at big.go.id <mailto:susilo at big.go.id>> 於 2016年6月3日 週五 上午11:09寫道:
>     Dear Lou,
>     I want to convert the GPS meteo data from 1s interval to 30s interval.
>     It's possible to do that with teqc software?
>     because i use -O.dec option nothing happen.
>     Thank for your information
>     Best regards,
>     --
>     Susilo
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