[teqc] helpful tip of week 1901

Neville Palmer N.Palmer at gns.cri.nz
Wed Jun 15 17:46:36 MDT 2016

Hi Lou
Thanks for taking the time to give us your tips of the week.
I have been having a play with +meta and +mds, neither of which I have 
used until now.
Is it possible to use these options with piped/std input? For example as 

$ zcat dbnr0150.15d.gz | crx2rnx | teqc +quiet +mds

If I attempt this or use the +meta option I receive the following error;

teqc: failure to read ' 15  1 15  0  0 30.0000000  0 
10G19G07G28G15G13G17G04G30G01G11' on line 23 of 'stdin'
        (misformed header record OR no END OF HEADER before start of data; 
must manually repair) ... exiting

Most of the meta data is still reported correctly, except for the final 
date & time and the file size. If I extract the file to standard RINEX 
format first, and then run teqc +mds or +meta on the extracted file, it 
runs successfully without error.

The ability to use a single line query similar to the example above would 
be very usefull for querying archived RINEX data.


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