[teqc] -tbin option intermittently removing comments from second and subsequent obs files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jul 12 09:39:35 MDT 2016


Neville sent me an email off-line from this list, setting me up with data files and
a script including comments describing the results.  I haven't run all the cases yet,
but enough to generally confirm what Neville is seeing (even with the latest teqc
version here at UNAVCO).  Neville also explained that even though the input files
(Trimble .tgd, in this case) are daily, he prefers using the '-tbin' approach for
creating the daily RINEX instead of a separate run for each daily input file because
the '-tbin' approach simplifies creating all the necessary RINEX files in one go --
an approach which I totally grok, since that's one of the main features of the '-tbin'

It appears the crux the odd behaviour with the comments lines in the RINEX observation
files is when RINEX navigation messages are also being created with the '-tbin' option,
in other words, the desired comment lines are present (in the cases Neville found anyway)
when just the RINEX observations files are being created with '-tbin'.

Therefore, I think another solution which uses '-tbin' is merely to do two runs: one to
create the RINEX observation files and another to create the RINEX navigation files, e.g.:

teqc -tbin 1d <prefix> +obs + <input files>
teqc -tbin 1d <prefix> +nav +,+ <input files>

(And, if there was meteorological data involved, a third run to create the RINEX met files:
teqc -tbin 1d <prefix> +met + <input files> )

Now there's a chance I might be able to get to the bottom of this bug, but the approach
outlined above using current executables with '-tbin' is not too onerous.


On 08-Jul-16 07:46 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
> hi Neville,
> You can send me (not the teqc list) a sample set that exhibits this behaviour with comment
> lines in the RINEX, but there's only a small chance this will ever get fixed.  But I will
> take a look when I get some spare time.
> The primary reason the '-tbin' option was developed was to help with cases where
> the input files, in time, did not map one-to-one or many-to-one with the desired output
> RINEX (or BINEX) in time.  The logic for '-tbin' is not simple and the focus is on time
> windowing, not all the extra fluff of RINEX (but fortunately most of the extra fluff
> works); and dealing with comments in RINEX, in general, is a complex, messy rat hole.
> If you have 24-hour daily .tgd files and are making 24-hour daily RINEX files from them,
> it is much cleaner to just create each daily RINEX as a separate teqc command and then
> the comment lines should be as you expect.
> Another alternative is to not worry about comments in creating the RINEX files using the
> single '-tbin' run and then after it is finished, do another teqc run on each RINEX file
> that was created and, if need be, edit it (adding whatever comments, etc.).
> As for the optional INTERVAL header line: I suspect that the reason it shows up in the
> second (and later?) RINEX obs files, but not the first one, is that by the time teqc has
> gotten to the second file it knows what the interval is.  If you are not supplying the
> interval (with '-O.int' or '-O.dec'), then the interval is not going to be known for
> the header of the first file.
> Hope this helps.
> cheers,
> --lou
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> On 07-Jul-16 10:53 PM, Neville Palmer wrote:
>> I am using the teqc -tbin option to generate daily RINEX files from Trimble NetR9 tgd files. The tgd files are 24 hour files with 15 second
>> epochs with occupations spanning 2 to 5 days.
>> The problem I encounter seems to happen with the data sets from some occupations but not others. All receivers are NetR9 running firmware
>> 4.62.
>> I am running teqc version 2016Apr1 and have had the same result with both Linux and Windows versions.
>> As an example if I use the following command
>> teqc -config 1144_2016-02-04.cfg -tbin 1d 1144 +obs + +nav +,+ 1144/*.tgd
>> The first (24 hour) RINEX obs file is produced correctly but the second and all subsequent files have all the comment lines removed. This
>> applies to the comments that I have explicitly added in the config file as well as those automatically inserted by teqc.
>> If I run an almost identical command with another set of tgd data from a different occupation/receiver it will sometimes work correctly with
>> all obs files containing the comment lines as expected. There doesn't seem to be any reason why it works sometimes but not others.
>> If I exclude the "+nav +,+" option or explicitly name the nav file names, as per the following two examples, the obs files are generated
>> correctly as expected for all cases.
>> teqc -config 1144_2016-02-04.cfg -tbin 1d 1144 +obs + 1144/*.tgd
>> teqc -config 1144_2016-02-04.cfg -tbin 1d 1144 +obs + +nav gps.nav,glonass.nav 1144/*.tgd
>> I can provide examples of the *.tgd files along with a listing of the commands I am using that give both the correct and incorrect outputs
>> if that is of use.
>> As another less important aside. In all cases when I am generating RINEX as above, the second obs file generated for each teqc -tbin command
>> has an "INTERVAL" header line inserted. I have not specified and -int option in any cases. All subsequent as well as the first obs file do
>> not have this additional header line. This doesn't cause me any problems but does seem a little odd.
>> Regards
>> Neville
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