[teqc] helpful tip of week 1909

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Aug 10 07:45:27 MDT 2016

This week's tip: using paths with file names

Hopefully this week's tip will be obvious to most UNIX/Linux users and maybe
Windows users who have experience with the 'cmd' window or DOS command line.

The tip: you can always include a path, relative or absolute, with any filename
being used with teqc.

Also, it's perfectly allowable to have the path, or part of the path, be an environment
variable (or a shell alias).

An example: Suppose you keep copies of some of CDDIS's combined RINEX navigation
files (the 'brdc' files) in a directory /data/cddis/brdc, where you might have
GPS and GLONASS brdc files for 2016-222 (yesterday) and 2016-223 (today).  (For
Windows users, use '\' instead of '/' to separate the folder levels.  Also, technically,
CDDIS won't have brdc files for 2016-223 until sometime in 2016-224 -- but you get
the idea.)

Then in most UNIX/Linux shells:

<prompt> BRDC=/data/cddis/brdc
<prompt> echo $BRDC
<prompt> /data/cddis/brdc

Also suppose your working data for yesterday and today is under /data/2016/08/09 and
/data/2016/08/10, where you might have a RINEX observation files test2220.16o and
test2230.16o, respectively.  Now change your currently working directory to be the
folder for Aug 2016:

<prompt> cd /data/2016/08

Now you should be able to run the commands:

<prompt> teqc +qc -nav $BRDC/brdc2220.16n,$BRDC/brdc2220.16g ./09/test2220.16o
<prompt> teqc +qc -nav $BRDC/brdc2230.16n,$BRDC/brdc2230.16g ./10/test2230.16o

... (assuming all goes well with the qc) you should end up with the qc report files
/data/2016/08/09/test2220.16S and /data/2016/08/10/test2230.16S.

Behind the curtain: In these commands, the environment variable $BRDC is being
expanded by the shell your using (e.g. sh, ksh, bash, Windows 'cmd'), so that shell is
actually running:

teqc +qc -nav /data/cddis/brdc/brdc2220.16n,/data/cddis/brdc/brdc2220.16g ./09/test2220.16o
teqc +qc -nav /data/cddis/brdc/brdc2230.16n,/data/cddis/brdc/brdc2230.16g ./10/test2230.16o

Since your current working directory (cwd) is /data/2016/08, teqc can locate the RINEX
observation files relative to the cwd and then knows to write the qc report files
to the same location as the RINEX observation file.

This example uses both absolute paths (the path names starting with '/') and relative
paths (the path names starting with './').  The './' is actually redundant; you
can safely remove the './' and those path names will mean the same relative path.

If these simplifying concepts are new to you, then with a little experimentation you
will quickly pick up the usage and probably be able to better organize your data
files, improve your workflow, and improve scripts that use teqc.

Happy teqc-ing!


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