[teqc] helpful tip of week 1910

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Aug 17 10:34:41 MDT 2016

This week's tip: file names -- important or not?

Last week's tip was about using paths with file names, but what about file names
themselves?  Does teqc put any special significance to file names, like a .m00
suffix for a Leica MDB file?  Or a date format in a RINEX or other file name?

The answer is no, although when doing qc with teqc if you do happen to use certain
patterns of file name suffixes (and when reading a few manufacturer formats),
then teqc might do some extra work for you.

You can test a file name yourself.  Take any file, raw data or RINEX, that you
have been working with and make a copy of it (or, if on a UNIX/Linux shell, make
a link to it) called, say, 'useless_filename'.

For example, here's a CDDIS GPS merged-broadcast 'brdc' file that I happen to
have downloaded:

[3635] teqc +mds brdc1670.16n
2016-06-15 00:00:00  2016-06-15 23:59:44    266248  brdc1670.16n


[3636] cp -p brdc1670.16n useless_filename
[3637] teqc +mds useless_filename
2016-06-15 00:00:00  2016-06-15 23:59:44    266248  useless_filename

So, teqc absolutely does not care what you name files to be.  As far as teqc
is concerned, file names are just strings of printable ASCII characters with
no intrinsic information whatsoever.

Now, for qc operations, teqc will look for certain file suffixes on supplied
RINEX observation files, and, if found, then look for RINEX navigation files,
with the same path (if any) and file name root as the RINEX observation files
and read those RINEX navigation files if found.  The suffix patterns on RINEX
observation files that are tested for:


(The [0-9] notation means "any digit, inclusive, from 0 to 9".)  If the RINEX
observation file name matches one of these patterns, then teqc will look for,
respectively, RINEX navigation file names with suffixes:

.nav, .gps, .glo, .sbs, .gal, .cmp, .qzs, .irn

and try to read these as the appropriate RINEX navigation files.
Note 1: .nav and .NAV files are assumed to be GPS RINEX navigation files.
Note 2: IRNSS RINEX navigation files will be allowed in the next released version.

But do you _need_ to do qc operations using these suffixes?  No, absolutely not.
If I wanted to, I could easily call my GPS RINEX nav file 'A', my GLONASS RINEX
nav file 'b', and my GPS-GLONASS RINEX observation file 'Xy' and then qc them all
using the command:

teqc +qc -nav A,b Xy

And if I were to rename the files:

mv Xy Xy.obs; mv A A.gps; mv b b.glo

then I could execute:

teqc +qc Xy.obs

and get exactly the same result: the RINEX nav files 'A.gps' and 'b.glo' will be
found and read automatically.  And now, for the real minimalists out there:

mv Xy.obs .obs; mv A.gps .gps; mv b.glo .glo

and then execute:

teqc +qc .obs

Same result!  The RINEX nav files '.gps' and '.glo' will be found and read

And here are the special cases with suffixes or prefixes on manufacturer formats,
and have to do with what we here in the UNAVCO archive call a "file set" for
that format:

Trimble .dat or .tgd files: If teqc recognizes the format to be either of these
(which is the same format as far as teqc is concerned), and the input file has a
'.dat' or '.tgd' suffix, then the following matching file name is looked for and
read if found:
     - "message" file with metadata with a .mes suffix

Ashtech B-file: If teqc recognizes the format to be an Ashtech B-file, and the
input file has a 'b' prefix, then the following matching file names are looked
for and read if found:
     - summary file ("S-file") with a 's' prefix
     - ephemeris file ("E-file) with a 'e' prefix
     - external data file ("D-file") with a 'd' prefix

Leica DS files (a Leica format from about 20 years ago): If teqc recognizes the
format to be a Leica DS .obs (observations) file and the file has a '.obs' suffix,
then the following matching file names are looked for and read if found:
     - general data set information file with a '.dat' suffix
     - interval information file with a '.int' suffix
     - computed position file with a '.cmp' suffix
     - point information file with a '.pnt' suffix
     - ephemerides with a '.eph' suffix
     - meteorological data file with a '.met' suffix

Note: Upper-case matches also apply, so inputting a Trimble .DAT file makes teqc
look for a name matching .MES file, and so on.

Happy teqc-ing!


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