[teqc] on removing '-max_rx_SVs' check on certain formats

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Sep 2 09:46:30 MDT 2016


I've received some positive off-line discussion about my suggestion for a code change
in teqc, as mentioned in this week's "tip of the week":

> Another point, which is perhaps up for discussion, is that the need for having this
> sanity check came about because of data formats (some of which are still in wide use)
> that did not have a checksum or CRC for each epoch's worth of data.  Most modern formats
> contain this type of sanity check on the records/messages contained within the format
> and having such checksums or CRCs essentially reduces the need for the max_rx_SVs check
> for each epoch to zero.  So I would be willing to consider eliminating this check on
> those formats which have their own checksum/CRC for the records/messages within the
> data format.  Examples of such formats that could be given a free pass would be
> Ashtech U- and R-file and the MBEN stream, Javad JPS, Leica MDB and LB2, Septentrio
> Binary Format (SBF), Topcon TPS, Trimble RT17 and RT27 streams and, of course, BINEX.

I'm going to try to do this in such a way that it can easily to put back to the way
it has been, on a per format basis, if the need arises.  I also might add a new option
that would allow the user to go back to the prior behaviour (globally) if the need arises.


p.s. At least I'm now convinced that a few people are reading these weekly "tip" writeups ... :)

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