[teqc] Error converting TPS-file

Tim Valbert Tim.Valbert at mavinci.de
Thu Sep 8 07:11:56 MDT 2016


my name is Tim and I`m working at MAVinci. We are using teqc to convert 
tps files to RINEX. I hope this is the right address for (stupid) 
questions and I am not spamming on this email list ;-)

I have a small problem with a TPS file, which I cannot convert to RINEX, 
the output is:

! Notice ! rtigs message id= 20057 (offset= 0o00421000 = 0x00022200 = 
00139776) unknown or not coded yet ... skipping

and a lot of the same messages with different IDs...

Is the TPS file broken? I will gladly send it to someone who is willing 
to tell me what is wrong with this file.

Any suggestions? If you can help me, just write to

Tim.Valbert at mavinci.de

Best regards,

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