[teqc] Error converting TPS-file

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Sep 8 07:20:26 MDT 2016

hi Tim,

The clue here is "! Notice ! rtigs message id ...".

RTIGS is another format.  You apparently are not using the option '-topcon tps' on
the command to tell teqc that the input format is Topcon TPS.  See my "tips of week"
on this topic:


I doubt anything will end up being wrong with the TPS file.


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On 08-Sep-16 07:11 AM, Tim Valbert wrote:
> Hi,
> my name is Tim and I`m working at MAVinci. We are using teqc to convert tps files to RINEX. I hope this is the right address for (stupid)
> questions and I am not spamming on this email list ;-)
> I have a small problem with a TPS file, which I cannot convert to RINEX, the output is:
> ! Notice ! rtigs message id= 20057 (offset= 0o00421000 = 0x00022200 = 00139776) unknown or not coded yet ... skipping
> and a lot of the same messages with different IDs...
> Is the TPS file broken? I will gladly send it to someone who is willing to tell me what is wrong with this file.
> Any suggestions? If you can help me, just write to
> Tim.Valbert at mavinci.de
> Best regards,
> Tim

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