[teqc] beta testing of next teqc requested

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Oct 18 09:17:56 MDT 2016


Because of the numerous changes in teqc from the last official release, 2016Apr1,
I'm providing a suite of builds based on today's version, 2016Oct18, for beta
testing.  Go to ftp://brick.unavco.org/pub/users/lou

There you will find:

  651583 Oct 18 14:42 teqc_Lx86_32s.zip - Linux statically linked 32-bit
  992226 Oct 18 14:37 teqc_Lx86_64s.zip - Linux statically linked 32-bit
  556152 Oct 18 14:49 teqc_mingw_32.zip - for Windows 32-bit
  581287 Oct 18 14:52 teqc_mingw_64.zip - for Windows 64-bit
  676081 Oct 18 14:55 teqc_OSX_i5_gcc4.3d_64.zip - for OSX (modern processors) 64-bit
  562295 Oct 18 14:38 teqc_Solx86_5.10_64d.zip - Solaris x86 64-bit
  541761 Oct 18 14:39 teqc_Sparc_5.10_64d.zip - Solaris Sparc 64-bit

Try out one or more builds.  If any problems are encountered, send me (and
optionally the teqc list):

- a statement of the problem
- the exact teqc command(s) used
- the result of executing `teqc +id` (so I know which build you are using)

... but don't send any data files unless I later request them.

Try everything you can think of.  Meanwhile this version of teqc on Solaris
systems is undergoing tests here at UNAVCO for our normal data management and
archiving activities.


p.s. I'll be out of the office until Friday morning, Oct 21.

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UNAVCO, 6350 Nautilus Drive           FAX:  [+001] 303-381-7451
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"If the universe is the answer, what is the question?"
                                                -- Leon Lederman

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