[teqc] beta testing of next teqc requested

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Oct 25 08:33:33 MDT 2016

For all you brave beta testers, in case you have not skimmed through the
development notes: http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/log/log.html
and have not looked at `teqc +help`:

There are now 10 options that generally follow the scheme used for '+rx_state':

[787] teqc +help | grep rx_state
         +rx_state .          output any receiver state parameters to stdout
         +rx_state ..         output any receiver state parameters to stderr
         +rx_state name       output any receiver state parameters to file 'name'
         ++rx_state name      append any receiver state parameters to file 'name'
         -rx_state            don't output receiver state parameters (default)

These 10 options are:

[789] teqc +help | grep " \. "
         +eds .               output any external data string to stdout
         +event[s] .          output any event info to stdout
         +ion_p[aram] .       output any ionosphere model parameters to stdout
         +utc_p[aram] .       output any UTC model parameters to stdout
         +psp .               output position solution parameters to stdout
         +raw_nav .           output any raw navigation messages to stdout
         +diag[nostics] .     output parsing and other diagnostics to stdout
         +rx_state .          output any receiver state parameters to stdout
                 +O.sum[mary] .           output observable summary to stdout
                 +slips .              output slip details written to stdout

Also, note there was a name change for what had been options '+dump_i' and '+dump_u';
these are now '+ion_p' and '+utc_p'.

For backwards compatibility, '-O.sum .' is the same as '+O.sum .', etc., and
there is no '-O.sum' with no arguments.  Also, since it has not been working for
some time, '-O.sum s' -- if used -- does the same as '-O.sum e', i.e. putting
the GNSS observation summary at the end of the RINEX observation file:

[790] teqc +help | g  O.sum
                 +O.sum[mary] e           output observable summary at end of RINEX OBS file
                 +O.sum[mary] .           output observable summary to stdout
                 +O.sum[mary] ..          output observable summary to stderr
                 +O.sum[mary] name        output observable summary to file 'name'
                 ++O.sum[mary] name       append observable summary to file 'name'


On 18-Oct-16 09:17 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
> All,
> Because of the numerous changes in teqc from the last official release, 2016Apr1,
> I'm providing a suite of builds based on today's version, 2016Oct18, for beta
> testing.  Go to ftp://brick.unavco.org/pub/users/lou
> There you will find:
>  651583 Oct 18 14:42 teqc_Lx86_32s.zip - Linux statically linked 32-bit
>  992226 Oct 18 14:37 teqc_Lx86_64s.zip - Linux statically linked 32-bit
>  556152 Oct 18 14:49 teqc_mingw_32.zip - for Windows 32-bit
>  581287 Oct 18 14:52 teqc_mingw_64.zip - for Windows 64-bit
>  676081 Oct 18 14:55 teqc_OSX_i5_gcc4.3d_64.zip - for OSX (modern processors) 64-bit
>  562295 Oct 18 14:38 teqc_Solx86_5.10_64d.zip - Solaris x86 64-bit
>  541761 Oct 18 14:39 teqc_Sparc_5.10_64d.zip - Solaris Sparc 64-bit
> Try out one or more builds.  If any problems are encountered, send me (and
> optionally the teqc list):
> - a statement of the problem
> - the exact teqc command(s) used
> - the result of executing `teqc +id` (so I know which build you are using)
> ... but don't send any data files unless I later request them.
> Try everything you can think of.  Meanwhile this version of teqc on Solaris
> systems is undergoing tests here at UNAVCO for our normal data management and
> archiving activities.
> cheers,
> --lou
> p.s. I'll be out of the office until Friday morning, Oct 21.
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